The lemon is an essential ingredient in any recipe, especially Mediterranean ones. It’s used in desserts and sweets, but also to enahnace the delicate flavour of fish, or to tenderise meat, refresh a salad, season vegetables, or add a special aroma to a sauce. And if you would like an exceptional taste, always choose one with the Siracusa Lemon PGI label!

Syracuse Lemon PGI in twenty regional recipes

“Limiùni! Limun! Limòn! ”Is a tribute from the Consortium for the Protection of the Lemon of Syracuse PGI to the Italian regional cuisine. Twenty dishes, one for each region of the Bel Paese, online on our website and freely reinterpreted by Sergio Golino, a young Syracusan chef already a pupil of ALMA, the school of Gualtiero Marchesi.

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