The Harvest

Despite their refreshing, sunny zestiness, lemons are essentially a winter fruit. Most of the lemons are harvested between October and May, when the juice, oils and flavours are at their best.

But the Siracusa “femminello” variety we use is different. It produces lemons all year round, with three main harvests. Each produces lemons with exceptional characteristics.

We start with the “Primofiore”, which runs from the start of October; from mid-April the “Bianchetto” arrives; and in July the “Verdello”.

Each season’s climate lends the fruit its own character. But the quality remains the same. Every lemon is expertly harvested by hand, cut at the stalk using special hand-secateurs, ensuring it leaves Siracusa in the optimum condition.

Our history is one that has been handed down. Even today some cultivation techniques, like pruning, fertilization, and irrigation are rooted in the past, in historical knowledge. We would like to maintain and protect our lemon-growing culture from a market which tends to favour products without identity, without ties to a homeland, without ties to everything that these lemons represent for us.

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