Why Are They So Good?

In the Sicilian province of Siracusa, a fertile coastal plain lies between the mountains and the sea. No higher than 210 metres, it’s perfect lemon-growing country.
Warm sun, humid sea air, rich limestone and alluvial soils, subterranean rivers. All keeping the trees and fruit well-fed and watered.

All essential ingredients in our consistently exceptional lemons:

Full of juice – at least 34% juice, it’s a very squeezable lemon.
Full of zest – aromatic, fine-grained peel with abundant oil-producing glands give high quality essential oils.
Full of flavour – with high levels of Vitamin C and citric acid.

Our produce is special because we know our land and we know our lemons. Some of our cultivation techniques have been handed down from generation to generation of farmers, for over a thousand years, while rulers of this ancient land have come and gone.

Discerning consumers around the world have appreciated the superior qualities of the Siracusa Lemon (PGI) for over a century. And while we now use state of the art computerised processing and shipping, it’s reassuring to know that we still grow in a traditional way, and hand-pick the fruit with care. Most of our lemons are organic, too.

Click here to find out some of the products that use the Siracusa Lemon (PGI) or meet the growers and processors here.

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