Where They Grow

Whether you’re a chef, a trade-buyer or simply a lover of lemons, please contact us if you would like to visit – we’d be happy to suggest an itinerary or help arrange a tour of some of our members’ lemon groves.

The lemon-growing region includes the zones of Siracusa, Noto, Avola, Floridia, Solarino, Priolo Gargallo, Augusta, Sortino, Rosolini e Melilli.

These coastal lemon-groves stretch out in a 10km wide arc, facing eastwards to the Ionian Sea. There is a strong consistency in the climate and the soil, well-suited to the local varieties of lemon which have been cultivated here for many years.

Watered by the Anapo, Asinaro and Marcellinus rivers, which flow down from the Ibleian mountains to the West, Siracusa’s lemon groves stretch 50 km from North to South. It is a landscape of beauty and natural production, protecting and sustaining a unique heritage of people and land.

A great part of the land is farmed organically, alongside other citrus like orange, mandarin or grapefruit. The scent of the zagara or citrus blossoms is indeed intoxicating when the trees are in flower. And in Summer, the salt carried by the sea air dusts the crops, acting as a natural disinfectant.

More than 150 small, medium and large businesses and around 5,800 hectares produce the equivalent of 30% of Italy’s national harvest. As Italy’s primary province for fresh lemon production, we consider Siracusa to be the lemon capital of Europe.

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