What PGI Means

We have been growing lemons here for a long time – so we wanted to make sure that this expertise and heritage was recognised, and to stop lesser lemons being sold as Siracusa’s finest.

It’s not a Siracusa Lemon (PGI) if it’s not bearing our logo. Our logo guarantees that the lemons are:

grown only in the Province of Siracusa
from the “femminello” variety
cultivated and picked using traditional methods

Use of the logo, the name, Siracusa Lemon (PGI) or “Limone di Siracusa (IGP)” is strictly controlled by European law.

The PGI denomination means that the lemon is grown, harvested and processed to exacting standards, which are independently verified. This PGI status was granted by the EU on February 3, 2011.

Click here for the complete protocol

So when you buy our lemons or any product containing them, you can be confident of their provenance and quality.

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